VIDEO: Reach New Heights: Using Angel Investors to Fund Your Business

by QuickBooks

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When traditional funding sources—such as debt options like loans—aren’t ideal for your specific industry, equity financing might be your only option. After reaching out to friends and familyangel investors are often the first major source of equity capital before you can pitch to venture capital firms.

In the video below, Chris Bridges, CEO of Vessix, explains how his business management software company successfully landed angel investors.

Angel investors are just one of several equity funding sources. Friends and family infuse small amounts of capital to get your business started. If your business is already up and running, angel investors can help it mature before you’re ready to pitch to large venture capital firms.

If you feel ready to go after investors, see our tutorial on creating a pitch deck and our packet of documents needed to pitch and onboard investors. For more insight into the entire process, download our free e-book, The Complete Guide to Equity Financing.

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