38 places to find freelance jobs for all backgrounds and skill sets

Freelance jobs can give you more freedom, letting you set your own schedule and be your own boss. Here are the best places to find your next gig.

3 legal things you need to consider before becoming a freelancer

Starting a freelance business comes with 3 major legal considerations; Personal Liability, Tax Exposure & Contracts. Gain a better understanding of each component to help protect yourself and your new business.

What’s the difference? Self-employed, freelancer, business owner, or solopreneur

When there are so many business terms that seem to mean the same thing, how can you know what to call yourself? Find out here.

More money, more family time: Survey reveals why self-employment is so popular right now

Being self-employed can boost your health, family time, and finances according to new survey by QuickBooks Self-Employed. Find out why self-employment is so popular right now.

How to pay yourself when you’re self-employed

You are freelancing full-time. How do you pay yourself? How much do you pay yourself? When do you pay yourself? Answers to these, and more, in this post.

7 things that separate self-employed workers from everyone else

Why do some people succeed at self-employment while others don't? New QuickBooks survey reveals 7 characteristics many self-employed people share.

Should you have a side hustle before becoming a freelancer

testing the freelancer market through a side-hustle before jumping into full time freelance work can give you valuable insight into the potential of full time freelancing.

Relief for gig workers and freelancers during the coronavirus outbreak

Are you a gig worker or freelancer? Affected by COVID-19? There is financial assiatnce available to you amid the coronavirus. Learn more, here.

From employee to consultant: 3 things to consider before making the switch

Here are some tips to consider on how to become a consultant, from calculating your own paycheck to increasing productivity.

Want to make money freelancing? Here’s a path to earning $100,000 per year

Not all freelancers are starving artists. Think outside the box and do the math to understand how you can make serious money freelancing.

Join the QuickBooks Ambassador Program

The QuickBooks Ambassador Program helps connect you with a community of entrepreneurs, gives you new resources and tools, a 50% off discount for friends, and cash bonuses.

Quarterly taxes for Etsy sellers

Etsy sellers are responsible for paying taxes on their earnings. Here’s a guide to estimating and paying those taxes.

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