VIDEO: Cultivate Client Relationships to Build Your Reputation

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Customers bring in revenue, and as a small business owner, you need all the customers you can get. But how do you do it, especially when you’re starting out? Brand new businesses often don’t have the budget for large advertising and marketing campaigns. That’s why you over-perform and over-deliver every chance you get. Consistently delivering stellar results is the best way to impress clients so that they refer you to others. Doing work that’s worth referring can give you the edge you need against bigger, more established competitors, and just may put you on the map of some big fish clients.

4WT Media founder and CEO John Trefry has worked with many big brands, including Google, AT&T and Netflix. As he explains, the way to land such top-tier clients is simply to be great at what you do. It also means treating treating every client you have with respect, whether they’re as big as Ma Bell or as small as the corner store. The stakes may be higher with larger clients, John says, but the work you put into the job should always be at the same level. When others hear about your consistent delivery of great results, those top-tier clients you want will come to you.

So, as a small business owner with no shortage of hurdles and responsibilities, how do you constantly deliver your best work to clients? One of the best ways to improve your workflow is through efficient and accurate financial management. Keep an eye on maintaining great customer service. Know what you’re worth. And, last on this list but extremely important, hire a qualified CPA or utilize the proper bookkeeping software to make budgeting, payroll and taxes so easy that you can focus on your business. Impress today’s clients every single time so they have no choice but to refer your business to others in the future.

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