Operating a Service Business

By QuickBooks

7 Chapters     28 min read
  1. 5 Mistakes That Can Kill a Service Business 4 Min

    Service businesses face some special challenges that other businesses do not. Learn about the five mistakes that could harm your service…

  2. How to start a service business: 11 steps on the path to success 4 Min

    If you have a special skill or area of expertise, a service business could be for you. Determine the unique services you could provide to…

  3. 7 Tips for Marketing a Service Business 4 Min

    When you run a service business, instead of marketing products and their features, you must market yourself. Discover the right way to sell…

  4. 11 Service Businesses You Can Start Today 4 Min

    Since many service businesses don’t require a physical office, startup costs can be affordable. Learn how to turn your passion into a…

  5. 4 Discounting Pitfalls for Service Businesses to Consider 2 Min

    The pitfalls of slashing prices can be significant for service providers. Consider these four things before offering a discount on your…

  6. Understanding Software as a Service: How to Build a SaaS Business 5 Min

    Software as a service, or SaaS, is a software delivery model that hosts business applications on the cloud. Learn all about this rapidly…

  7. How to Price Your Products or Services: Value-Based Pricing 3 Min

    Of the two most popular methods to price products or services, value-based pricing offers the most potential profit. Here’s how it can…

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