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6 Steps You Must Take When Hiring Employees

Ready to bring on your first employee? Follow these 6 steps to complete the hiring process and stay compliant with state and federal laws.

Workers’ compensation basics for small businesses

Workers' compensation laws are handled at the state level. Learn what to do in case of a claim and what workers' compensation insurance covers.

The true costs of a bad hire and how to avoid making the mistake

A bad hire can impact your revenue, your clients, your other employees, and you in a variety of ways. Read more to learn how to avoid a bad hire.

How to Hire Your First Employees

Hiring can make or break a business. Learn what to look for in the right candidates and how to build a great company culture.

The Guide to Deciding on Whether to Outsource or Hire

When should you hire an employee and when should you outsource work to a freelancer? The answer will affect how your business will grow and how it will spend money.

6 Ways to Expedite Employee Training

Employee training can be costly and time-consuming. But these 6 tips can help you speed up training and save some money in the process.

INFOGRAPHIC: How Independent Are Your Contractors?

With the number of freelance workers on the rise, more and more companies are hiring independent contractors. Here's what you need to know about contractors.

Healthcare for the Self-Employed: What Happens If I Don’t Have Health Insurance?

For the self-employed, health insurance premiums may be a costly expense, but the consequences of not having healthcare can be even more debilitating.

How to Cultivate the Perfect Company Culture

If you want your small business to succeed, then knowing how to keep your employees happy is crucial. Learn the statistics behind how to build a great culture.

Should You Give Your Employees Stock Options?

Providing employee stock options can boost morale and productivity, but it can also come with unexpected fees and compliance steps. Learn more.

How to Write a Job Posting to Bring in Better Applicants

One powerful way to attract a better pool of job applicants is to craft a different kind of job posting.|One powerful way to attract a better pool of job applicants is to craft a different kind of job posting.

8 Ways to Attract Top Talent (Without Breaking the Bank)

When you hire new employees for your small business, you're competing with other companies who are also clamoring for the top talent in the city.

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