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4 things Amazon sellers need to know about filing taxes

Learn how to file taxes as an Amazon seller. From 1099s to deductions, we’ve got you covered.

Taxes for eBay Sellers: What You Need to Know

Whether you use eBay as a hobby or a business, keep these things in mind when you file your taxes.

When Should Small Businesses Engage Legal Counsel?

Small businesses should engage legal counsel early to navigate potential pitfalls, notify of relevant laws, and create preventive measures for eventual emergencies. Fortunately, getting legal advice doesn't have to be as tedious or as expensive as you might think.

The 1099 Form, Explained and Annotated

Simple Instructions for 1099s: Which Type to Use, When to Use Them, and How to Fill Them Out.

An Introduction to the Pass Through Concept

Learn how your business structure affects your personal tax status.

What Is Ownership Basis?

Learn what ownership basis means and how it affects tax liability.

Understanding tariffs

Understand the impact tariffs have on your small business.

Expert Guide to Engaging Legal Counsel without Getting Burned by Fees

Attorney hourly rates are at historically high levels. Fortunately, business owners are driving law firms to use alternative fee arrangements. Here's how you can benefit.

Best Practices to Avoid Tax Fraud

Learn what tax fraud is, and the civil and criminal penalties related to tax fraud. Read about how to protect your business from an allegation of tax fraud.

What the Supreme Court Ruling Means for Small Retailers in 2019

The Wayfair ruling changed the retail landscape, requiring online sellers to collect sales taxes even if they don’t have a physical presence in the taxing state. Here’s what small retailers should know about the landmark ruling.

6 Labor Law Tips to do Right by Your Employees - And the Law

A growing business means taking on new employees. How can you keep them happy while following the labor laws. Here are a few tips to make sure you're doing right by your employees and the law.

The Pros and Cons of Every Business Structure

Each business structure offers advantages, but carries risk too. Use this to decide which is right for your business.

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