Buss Fitness Wins $25,000 Intuit Hiring Grant

by QuickBooks

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October was the start of the largest small business grant competition to date on LoveALocalBusiness.com.  Intuit is sponsoring $100,000 in Intuit Hiring Grants to help small businesses hire the help that they need.  Over 300 fans voted for our October winner, Buss Fitness, a provider of fitness classes in Northfield, Ohio.  They were randomly selected to win a $25,000 grant.  They are also the first Finalist who may win the additional Grand Prize that increases their grant to $50,000.

In October, Buss Fitness ranked #5 on The Pulse, the monthly top 10 list of most loved businesses.

Owner Christen Buss described how her business got started: “My husband is a full time firefighter and we originally opened up Buss Fitness to work with our local fire department (Northfield Village) and provide them with free fitness classes and training sessions.  The number one cause of on job death for firefighters isn’t from trauma or building collapse, it’s from poor cardiovascular health and heart attacks during firefighting operation.”  Buss Fitness plans to use the grant money to hire a fitness instructor and buy fitness equipment for the local firehouses, which have previously not had the funds to do this.

This was the winning nomination submitted by Ali:

“Fitness is very important! I wish most gyms tried to help their members the way that Buss Fitness does!”

It’s not too late for you to be featured in our next winner’s announcement! Vote for your business today.

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