California Dairy Farm Milks Marketing Opportunity From QuickBooks

by Michael Essany

2 min read

Nestled into the scenic agricultural preserve of San Pasqual Valley, Frank Konyn Dairy is a family-run farm with a success story like few others in Southern California today.

“My parents immigrated to this country from Holland, and they got into the dairy business on their own in 1954,” says Frank Konyn, who now runs the company with his wife, Stacy. “They moved to the current location in 1962. So we’re on a dairy farm that’s 52 years old.”

The business’s longevity is particularly notable when you consider the changing economic climate of the regional dairy industry.

“In our entire county, there are only three dairies [left],” says Frank Konyn, who leases land from the city of San Diego. “At one time, there were probably close to 200 dairies, if not more. Somehow, a long time ago, we thought it would be cool to be the last man standing. But as time has gone on, we’ve realized that … when the industry leaves, all of the supporting infrastructure leaves also. If I need to call a repairman or specialist, it may take six hours for someone to get down here, because there’s no reason for them to hang around this area.”

Despite myriad challenges, Frank Konyn Dairy remains a regional gem. The business supports a wide array of community programs and provides an increasingly rare opportunity for area residents to learn about a source of their food.

“We enjoy being in San Diego County,” Konyn proudly asserts, noting that he and his family (pictured) love the people and cherish every chance to educate others about the importance of local agriculture.

Marketing Farm-to-Table Products

Konyn recently entered QuickBooks’ Small Business Local Buzz campaign in the hopes of milking a valuable marketing opportunity.

“We conducted a feasibility study and have since purchased equipment [and] developed plans, and [we] will soon start processing our own locally produced milk,” Konyn explains in his entry. “Winning this prize would enable us to reach our local consumers through the development of a website and our creamery’s new logo and get [them] out there … so that [Frank Konyn Dairy] becomes a recognized brand.”

This week, QuickBooks awarded the family farm a customized marketing package worth $5,000.

“We’ve been doing what we know,” Konyn admits, and what the business hasn’t been doing — marketing aggressively and effectively online — will now be possible through the marketing expertise and resources provided by QuickBooks.

“If you look at our web page, it’s about as plain Jane as possible,” he notes. “We would really like to develop our web page and mailing list.”

Check Out the Buzz

QuickBooks’ Small Business Local Buzz campaign is announcing one winner a day through March 28. To learn more about the campaign and those vying for an epic marketing boost courtesy of QuickBooks, click here.

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