Intuit Goes to The Dogs (and Cats) to Award Latest $25,000 Hiring Grant

by Michael Essany

2 min read

The newest small business catering to pets in Elwood, Indiana is still just a pup itself.

“We recently opened on December 19,” owner Matt Spivey confesses, noting that his humble enterprise presently occupies only 240 square feet of retail space. But there’s lots of love for the furry friends among us within that compact space – a tight squeeze that’s poised for expansion in response to the good news that this small business owner received this week.

Spivey’s 2Guyz Boutique for Dogs and Cats is the latest Love A Local Business winner. That means Intuit will award the upstart pet shop with a $25,000 hiring grant.

“We live in a small town here in Indiana,” Spivey says. “There are only about 9,500 people and we wanted something different. We wanted a small store where people can come in and buy something special for their pets.”

Something Special in a Small Town

“Any of the bigger pet retailers would be approximately 23 miles away,” Spivey admits. “Even though it’s a small town and not a very wealthy town, we wanted to open a store where people could come in and get treated like they’re spending a million dollars even if they’re just buying a $5 bottle of shampoo.”

Spivey is also proud of the fact that at least 70 percent of all the products in his store are American-made. It’s just one of the many positive attributes of a store that was born out of the owner’s love and respect for animals.

“We’ve worked for a long time with a lot of rescue groups and the Humane Society and luckily we’ve had a lot of those people come through our store,” Spivey says. “And they like to see that we’re working with local shelters and helping with fundraisers.”

‘Grooming’ The Business for Expansion

All told, the Intuit grant money couldn’t possibly come at a better time for 2Guyz Boutique for Dogs and Cats.

Spivey says he and his partner will use the grant money to expand the boutique’s services to include pet grooming. Employing new part-time help is also on the drawing board now

“I quit my job in October in order to do this and I said, ‘Well, I guess I won’t be taking any salary for a couple years.’ I just can’t believe it,” Spivey gushes. “You just made my dreams come true.”

Feel The Love!

Are you a small business owner looking to hire but lacking the funds to do so? Nominate your business for a Love a Local Business grant today!

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