Out of Proportion Studios in Lodi, NJ Wins a $25,000 Intuit Hiring Grant

by QuickBooks

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Shawndra Cox from Out of Proportion Studios is January’s winner of a $25,000 Intuit Hiring Grant, sponsored by Intuit Online Payroll.  She is now also one of three finalists in the running to have her grant doubled to $50,000. 

Shawndra’s winning nomination was the one that she submitted for her own business!  Here’s what she had to say about her business: “One of my favorite things to do as a graphic designer is create new ideas, and designs. As a business owner, I take that love for creating to help others start up or improve their own new businesses. What could be better?!”

As a one-woman shop, Shawndra is thrilled that she’s now going to be able to use the grant money to hire some additional employees with different skills to round out her business’ services.  Shawndra has some specific people in mind who she would like to hire.  According to Shawndra, those potential employees are “very skilled and very hard-working”. 

It’s not too late for you to be featured in our next winner’s announcement.  A new Intuit Hiring Grant competition started on February 1! Vote for your business on LoveALocalBusiness.com today.

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