PEP Club Sports Wins Grand Prize $50,000 Intuit Hiring Grant!

by QuickBooks

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Our Love A Local Business grant competition judge, small business mentor and consultant Rhonda Abrams, had a tough assignment to determine which of the three in the most recent Finalists should have their $25,000 Intuit Hiring Grant doubled to $50,000.  The Finalists, Buss Fitness of Northfield, Ohio, Todali Tackle of Philpot, Kentucky and PEP Club Sports of Parker, Colorado, are all women-owned businesses, and all are growing despite the tough economy. 

While each business had tremendous support from their fans, Abrams had to determine which one most “embodies the characteristics of a small business that is most loved by its customers, vendors, employees, or local community.”

After reviewing the fan comments, the Finalists’s websites and Facebook pages, Abrams chose, PEP Club Sports, because, “Clearly their customer and parents love them. The program. The people who run the program. The impact on their kids. (And I notice they’re starting a senior program too…). They are a loved local business.” Abrams added, “Of course, it was a really, really tough choice.”

Listen in on the call we made to PEP Club Sports owner, Amber Schweitzer:

A new round of Intuit’s Love A Local Business grant competition has started! We’re awarding $100,000 in Intuit Hiring Grants between January and March. Vote now for the local business you love.

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