Sipping N’ Painting Wins Intuit’s $50,000 Grand Prize

by QuickBooks

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Sipping N’ Painting has won the $50,000 Grand Prize in Intuit’s Love A Local Business grant competition.  Just last week, the company won our June grant and became one of three finalists to win an additional grant.  Our judge, Shana Rawlings of Harmony in Hooves, says she had a very difficult time deciding.  But, in the end, she decided that Sipping N’ Painting would be the Grand Prize winner.

In explaining her decision, Shana says, “This is a fresh new idea that the community seems to love. They offer a place where their community can gather  to meet others and enjoy doing something creative at the same time.  In today’s world I think everyone needs to find time to relax, refresh, and do something just a bit different.”

Yet, Shana emphasized how hard this decision was, as all three finalists were well deserving: “It was so much harder than I had expected it would be,” she says. “All three candidates were awesome and have lots to offer their communities.  I hope they all continue to grow and succeed.”

Congrats to Sipping N’ Painting!

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