Texas Not-For-Profit Sends Intuit Wish to the Dogs (And Cats)

by Michael Essany

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In 2002, Stacey Schumacher — an animal lover with a mind for business — founded The Texas Coalition for Animal Protection. For more than a decade now, the nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization has boosted public awareness of issues related to animal welfare. In the process, TCAP has managed to treat approximately 150,000 animals.

Selflessly dedicated to her cause, Schumacher recently entered Intuit’s Small Business Big Wishes campaign in hopes of securing funds to provide cost-free services during a season that tends to breed life and death matters for our furry little friends.

“It is our wish to provide free spays and neuters so that countless animals don’t die over the holidays at animal shelters throughout Texas,” the entry reads. “Please grant our wish so we can help those with no voice.”

Fortunately for the TCAP founder, Stacey Schumacher barked up the right tree. And her organization is the latest small business to have its wish selected.

“Animals find a lot of homes over the holidays,” a thankful Schumacher reveals. “The problem is that people are buying puppies and kittens but they’re going to be in the shelters in the spring when they’re not as cute anymore.”

Schumacher hopes her three Texas-based clinics and their mobile hubs will humanely ensure that overpopulation is curbed and that adoptable pets have a better chance of promptly finding good homes.

“I got TCAP started when I got out of grad school,” she admits. “I’ve seen so many animal shelters where animals are euthanized just because there aren’t homes for them. TCAP was really my vision of finding a way that adoptable animals did not have to be euthanized.”

Thanks to the granting of this warm-hearted wish, Schumacher, her staff of 30, plus contracted veterinarians who serve with unfettered compassion, will continue to provide excellent care for the beloved animals that inspired TCAP’s existence in the first place.

“We want to do a number of free spay and neuter days,” Schumacher says of her non-profit organization’s goal. “Right now our prices start at $35 for a male cat to be neutered, all the way up to $65 for a large dog to be spayed or neutered. Those prices are great and we operate at about 40% of what people would pay at a full service hospital. What we would like to do is provide free spays and neuters with out wish.”

“We are pet lovers first,” the visionary behind TCAP concludes. “With the care that we provide, however limited it is, we do the best job that we can. I feel that we rival full service hospitals because the staff is committed to providing that service.

Do You Have a Small Business Wish?

Have a wish? It just may come true! During the month of December, Intuit will grant one wish a day for 15 days to deserving small businesses. Submit your wish online for a chance to win. Winners will be selected based on the number of votes each wish receives, the wish’s feasibility, and the transformational impact it would have on the business. To learn more, click here.

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