Wish Helps California Bookstore Turn the Page on Longstanding Goal

by Michael Essany

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In 1981, Linda and Dennis Ronberg formed what would soon become known throughout Los Altos, California as Linden Tree Books. Originally specializing in children’s recordings, the establishment would richly evolve over the next three decades into a community treasure like no other.

It goes without saying that longtime patrons of the bookstore were elated in the summer of 2010 when Jill Curcio and Dianne Edmonds — two business-savvy moms with a passion for education — prevented the store’s closure by purchasing it from the Ronbergs, who were retiring.

Calling their freshly-acquired store a “destination for both head and heart,” Curcio and Edmonds poured their time and money into Linden Tree Books, helping it “branch out” to provide a more diverse product line that, according to the owners, is rooted in a single and simple goal: “helping imaginations grow, from newborns to nonagenarians.”

In the process, the moms on a mission also managed to upgrade the store by relocating in 2011 to a new 3,200-square-foot-faciility just down the street from its former storefront.

“We moved to our new location a year ago,” Edmonds explains, “and we were looking for funds to be able to finish off our new store and create signage inside the store to help everybody navigate.” As it turns out, longtime patrons are having difficulty finding their way around the new store thanks to its shortage of signage. “We are so passionate about serving our community and the move to our new location just sucked up all of our capital and it was the last piece before we just ran out of money.”

So earlier this month, Edmonds reached out to Intuit’s Small Business Big Wishes campaign for support in their quest to “help get the right books into the hands of a child.”

“Our last remaining obstacle to ensuring we can continue to provide the best books and community events for another 25 years is permanent overhead signs to help children, parents, grandparents, and teachers find the books and resources they need,” the wish entry read. “QuickBooks handles our daily business. This contest can meet our long-term goals.”

Much to the delight of Linden Tree’s owners and loyal customers, Intuit is closing the chapter on this signage problem and granting the wish.

“I’m going to cry,” chirped Edmonds upon learning the good news. “Thank you so much!”

“Now we are able to go into the New Year knowing that we can commemorate so much and have the freedom to continue maintaining our essence with signage,” she adds.  “The other piece of this is that we really wanted to maintain the integrity of what our store is about. We could have put Post-It Notes around and made our own little signs using Microsoft Word, but we felt it wouldn’t do justice to what our store is about. And that’s why we want to make quality and user-friendly signage that would honor our customers.”

Big Wishes Come True for Small Businesses

During the month of December, Intuit granted 15 big wishes to 15 deserving small businesses. Although the Small Business Big Wishes campaign has come to an end, check back soon for Intuit’s next program and perhaps your small business dream will become a reality in 2013.

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