3 Reasons Why Video Is No Longer Optional

by QuickBooks

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In the ever-changing world of online business, entrepreneurs are constantly bombarded with statistics and recommendations about what they need to do in order to survive. The sheer volume of information makes it difficult to comprehend, much less put into action.

Everything considered, creating engaging video content is the one thing you shouldn’t overlook. Here are three reasons why video is no longer optional for any business.

1. YouTube is now the second largest search engine. The video Goliath serves up 4 billion videos per day, with more than a decade’s worth of content uploaded every day. Those are numbers you simply cannot ignore. If you’re not making videos — even simple content about your business — you’re missing out on engaged, targeted traffic. On top of tapping into the second largest traffic source, there are also inherent SEO benefits for your company’s website.

2. Video drives higher conversion rates. Anyone doing business online wants more sales or leads. Website visitors who view product videos are 85 percent more likely to buy, according to Internet Retailer. On top of that, visitors who’ve watched a video stay on site two minutes longer than average and are 46 percent more likely to convert. These numbers alone should compel you to establish a video content strategy, even if you’re in the professional services industry. Short, concise videos that provide finer details about your products or services are critical for increasing your online revenues.

3. Video is rapidly becoming preferential to text. Trust is a key element of doing business online. If your website doesn’t come off as trustworthy, you may be losing out on potential customers or leads. In addition to the staggering number of web users watching video, eMarketer conducted a survey that found nearly 60 percent of respondents preferred watching video over reading text when researching business information. This survey also revealed that a whopping 65 percent of U.S. business executives visit vendors’ websites after watching an industry-related video.

Out of all the stats you’re bombarded with, the data surrounding the rise of online video is too significant to ignore. As with websites, videos with history (views) consistently outrank those that are brand-new. Plan and execute your video content campaign today and you’ll save yourself the headache of outdoing your competitors in the future.

Does your company have a great strategy for producing engaging video content? Share your experiences in the Comments section below.

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