3 Strategies for Marketing Your Small Business on YouTube

by QuickBooks

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Small businesses are constantly seeking ways to grow their customer base. Online video is becoming a choice method for communicating with existing and potential customers. Here are three ways that you can grow your business using YouTube marketing.

How-To Videos

How-to content is extremely popular on YouTube — and for good reason. It’s often much easier to learn and digest information by watching and listening to an expert than by just reading text. How-to videos are also helpful at boosting search engine rankings because people generally look for these types of videos when they are trying to solve an immediate problem.

Examples of effective how-to videos include: tips on using your product or service (or evaluating different offerings in your industry) and answers to common customer-service questions. Don’t be afraid to give away a little of your “secret sauce.” If viewers get real value out of your video, they will be more likely to trust you with their money when the time comes to buy.

YouTube Creator Collaborations

Thousands of YouTube Channels exist, and many of them have sizable audiences tuning into a wide range of content. A second video-marketing strategy for a small businesses is to ask some of these creators whether you might collaborate with them to create content for their audiences. These collaborations can be a win-win, because your partner gets fresh content for its viewers and you get both production and distribution taken care of for you.

To find potential partners, search YouTube for topics related to your business and see what comes up (or use a tool like VidStatsX to find specific channels). When you find videos you like, look at the number of views, comments, and likes, as well as how many people subscribe to the channel. High numbers add up to an engaged audience that you could potentially reach. When you’re ready, send a message to the channel operators directly through YouTube and ask whether they’re interested in making a video featuring your product.

Keep in mind is that the cost of having someone else produce your video can vary greatly. Some producers will do it in exchange for for free product, whereas others will want compensation (from hundreds to thousands of dollars). Start small and see how it works for your particular business.


The third strategy is a classic: Create videos of your customers talking about why they use and love your products or services. These testimonials are easy to make and very effective when used to target prospects looking for information. While how-to videos demonstrate that you are an expert in your field, testimonials show that you’ve solved a real-world problem.

When putting testimonials on YouTube, make sure to optimize your videos for search. Include keywords that potential customers would search for, such as “review” and “testimonial” in the title. Shoot these videos at conferences where your customers already are, or schedule a day at your place of business (ask a dozen or so clients to come in, back-to-back, to produce the videos in bulk).

Have you tried these or other YouTube marketing strategies? Share your experiences in the Comments section below.

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