4 Mobile Apps to Make Your Photos Look Better

by Kathryn Hawkins

1 min read

Whether you’re sharing candid pics from your studio’s Pilates classes on Twitter or uploading product shots for your business’s online catalog, your photographs may not be web-ready without a little tweaking.

These four mobile apps can help you quickly edit your photos, even when you’re on the go.

Adobe Photoshop Touch (Android and iOS; $9.99 for tablet, $4.99 for smartphone) — As you’d expect, Adobe’s mobile version of Photoshop is much lighter on features and lower in price than the desktop version. But Photoshop Touch is intuitive to use and offers many common editing tools, such as cropping, painting, and adding layers. What’s more, you can start a photo-editing project on your mobile device, then sync your files with your desktop Photoshop software to further refine your images. However, to take advantage of the syncing feature, you’ll need to sign up for a Creative Cloud membership ($49.99 per month).

Photo Editor by Aviary (Android and iOS; free; pictured) — Want to upload a pic of a new menu item at your restaurant to the web? This app will help you quickly and easily optimize the image with its one-touch auto-enhance function. You may modify colors, brightness, and even erase any spills around the edges of the plate. And, if you want to liven things up, you can add “stickers” or write a tagline directly on the image — a savvy tactic for grabbing attention in the social media age.

Snapseed (Android and iOS; free) — This app recently dropped its $4.99 price tag to offer full functionality free of charge. Snapseed gives you the option to change the colors, contrast, and brightness of your original photo. It also allows you to spot-edit with the touch of a finger and apply a range of Instagram-style filters.

Filterstorm 4 (iOS; $3.99) — If you have deep knowledge of photography, Filterstorm may be your best bet for bringing advanced editing capabilities to your mobile device. The app isn’t as easy to use as many other photo editors, but it gives you dozens of tools for making subtle changes to your shots. If professional-quality photos are essential to your business, this app can help you create high-quality images when you don’t have access to your primary computer.

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