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5 Mobile Apps for Learning More About Your Customers

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It’s difficult to run a small business if you don’t know who your customers are — or what they’re looking for. Gathering as much information about them as you can will help you wage effective marketing campaigns, keep people engaged with your company, and more.

Here are five mobile apps that can help you collect relevant data and better understand your customers:

  1. Foursquare for Business (Free for basic; iOS and Android)
    Yes, Foursquare is a promotional tool to help you get more customers by offering special deals for loyal visitors — but it also provides a great opportunity to get some in-depth data on who those customers are. Foursquare’s analytics dashboard can help you determine how many people are checking in at each of your locations, and what time of day you receive the most check-ins. You can even view the profiles of individuals who’ve frequented your establishment to learn more about them and their other interests. Obviously, not all of your customers are on Foursquare, but if a reasonable number of customers are using the service, you’ll have a chance to pick up on some interesting trends and insights.
  2. QuickTapSurvey (free, premium version starts at $19/month; iOS and Android; pictured) — Are you seeking feedback from a live audience at a product demo, trade show, or market research meeting? QuickTapSurvey has a simple interface that lets customers submit their responses right on your iPad screen — there’s no need to even connect to the internet. Data is saved directly in the app, and can be uploaded to the cloud when you are online.
  3. ScanBizCards ($6.99; iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) — If you’ve collected a bag full of business cards at a trade show or conference, this app gives you an easy way to import them all to your contact list and automatically add relevant data about your prospects and customers. The app scans the cards and integrates with LinkedIn and several customer relationship-management services (Salesforce, Oracle, and Daylite), so that you can connect with them online and start tracking your interactions.
  4. Meeting Mapper ($6.99; iOS) — This iPad app helps you record the behavior of everyone in the room at business meetings with color-coded keys — just touch a button to record your interpretation of a participant’s mood. By tracking people’s attitudes and engagements in real-time, you’ll get a better perspective on how close you are to closing a sale. Information such as attendees and next steps can be sent to others via email, and you can share data on all the business intelligence you’ve gathered with a core group of collaborators.
  5. Dashboard for Google Analytics (free; iOS) — Google Analytics is an excellent tool for tracking website visits, keywords, conversions, and other metrics. This third-party app provides a beautiful dashboard that’s tailor-made for mobile devices. It collects all of the relevant data you need as a business manager on one screen and shows you how close you are to meeting your goals for the day, week, and month.
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