In the Trenches: Should There Be More?

by Brett Snyder

1 min read

I’m never happy. Maybe that’s not the right way to put it. I’m happy, but I’m never satisfied. No matter how well things are going, I’m always trying to tweak things to make them run better.

Usually, that has me working on little changes. I might consider changing a process or perhaps looking for minor marketing changes to help build the business. It’s usually just me in the weeds. That can be helpful for fine-tuning the business. From an operations perspective, it’s what a business needs, but I get so hung up in those weeds that I can forget to think about things on a higher level.

That’s why every so often, I remind myself to take a step back and look at the business from up high. As we enter a slower time, right before the holidays (at which point things ramp up quickly), it’s the perfect time to back up and see what needs to be revisited.

At this point, I’m feeling pretty comfortable with where the business is going. We’ve grown the corporate travel business to have a nice group of small business clients. We’ve been doing a fair bit of award travel redemption (successfully), and the new pricing structure compensates us adequately for the work we’re doing. Revenues are up, and that’s good.

The biggest issue is trying to bring more people up to speed to be able to run the business without me. I have one person learning the reservation system and I’m bringing on a new concierge across the Atlantic so we have better coverage. So it’s heading in the right direction.

But whenever things are going well, that leaves me to wonder… should there be more? I always feel like there’s something we could be doing better, or differently. I’m not interested in doing something new just for the sake of well, doing something new. But when things run well, it’s a great time to think about what else could be a good fit.

So far, nothing is grabbing me, but I’m keeping my eyes open.

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