In the Trenches: When Should I Blog?

by Brett Snyder

2 min read

It seems like an odd thing to think about, but honestly, I struggle a lot with deciding how often to blog about my business. Since the blog preceded the business, writing about the business too often runs the risk of pushing people away. On the flip side, nobody is paying to read my blog, so it’s a delicate dance to find the happy medium.

Ever since the blog started five years ago, I’ve developed a group of loyal readers who come to the site to read and comment on what’s happening in the sometimes insane world of airlines. I love the blog and I’ve settled on a good posting schedule where posts go live every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday with a discussion topic on Friday. That leaves Wednesdays open, so every so often I slip in an extra post on things around the industry. Last week, for example, I put something up about an airline enthusiasts’ flight that a high school-aged reader is putting together, but I also use this space for promoting the business that evolved from the blog in the last couple of years.

That seems to be a good way to work things. I don’t take away from existing content on the blog, but I can still get in some promotion for the business. This week, for example, I am writing about that new partnership that I mentioned here a couple weeks ago. This seems like a perfectly natural topic to write about since it’s a nice development for the business, but I still have doubts every time I write something promotional.

Why? Well, I’ve received angry notes and comments from readers saying that I shouldn’t use blog posts to advertise the business. To that, I usually respond that if they’re willing to start paying to read the blog, I’ll be happy to cut those posts out. I haven’t been successful with that one yet.

There’s no question that I will keep blogging about the business; the question is around how much to do it. I don’t want to run people off by writing about it too much, but I need to get the message out. Clearly a new post every day would be a bad idea, but if people run away screaming if I have one post a month, then I really can’t say that I’m going to miss them. Should it be once a month? Should be just when I have news to share? That’s what I have to figure out.

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