PriceGrabber Combines Group Buying Sites with Local Deal Categories

by QuickBooks

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Groupon. LivingSocial. CrowdSavings. DealOn. HomeRun.

Those are just the ones you know about already. The number of group buying sites is expected to increase dramatically this year – for both consumer and business-oriented daily deals.

While many consumers are subscribing to a number of these sites, then having to sift through multiple daily emails to find the best deal in the right category, is now offering new local deal categories across over 20 group buying sites.

We asked Jon Margolis, Senior Director of Local Merchant Accounts with PriceGrabber, a few questions about the new service.

ISBB: Why is PriceGrabber aggregating competitors’ daily deals?

Margolis: As part of our core business of comparison shopping, PriceGrabber has been able to perfect the process of aggregating the best prices on millions of products from thousands of merchants. PriceGrabber brings over 10 years of experience to the local deals space and provides consumers with a comprehensive shopping experience.  This is a very natural next step for PriceGrabber as we bring this expertise and knowledge to the local deals space.

If you check out our daily local deals category, you’ll note that PriceGrabber is equipped with filters enabling shoppers to view deals based on location, price, particular group buying site, and deal category. This helps consumers save time and get the best prices for the small business deals they want to buy.

Since group buying is so popular right now, which local deal sites are you currently working with?

PriceGrabber’s local deal category includes over 20 local deal sites and this number is growing by the day, including Groupon, LivingSocial, CrowdSavings, DealOn, HomeRun,, Tippr, ScreaminDailyDeals, VillageVines, CityDeals, icoupononline, and more.

Most of our readers run small businesses. How can they benefit from PriceGrabber?

If you’re selling products online, you can go to, and use our online form to submit a data feed, which creates an online product catalog so we can list your products for sale.

While we power Yahoo Shopping, AOL Shopping, and other massive sites, we also work with some very focused smaller sites. For example, if you’re a small business or blogger, you can partner with PriceGrabber to list and review digital cameras or to provide an online shopping solution for your readers. And there’s no startup cost to the small business.

What kind of small businesses are using PriceGrabber?

We’re working with everyone from one-person shops who only have an online business to Fortune 500 companies like Best Buy, Walmart, Walgreens, Sears, and Home Depot. Merchants find many of our small business clients by visiting to compare and buy their retail goods against competitors.

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