October 7, 2015 Marketing en_US The Internet and social media can provide small businesses with as much global exposure as corporations. Learn how to go beyond social media. https://quickbooks.intuit.com/cas/dam/IMAGE/A92pzLZpc/f6fcd1d7539631078d26f33d5793a0e1.jpg https://quickbooks.intuit.com/r/marketing/video-go-beyond-social-media-with-your-online-marketing VIDEO: Go Beyond Social Media With Your Online Marketing

VIDEO: Go Beyond Social Media With Your Online Marketing

By QuickBooks October 7, 2015
As a small business owner, you are likely all too familiar with the fact that you are surrounded by bigger brands that dominate the marketplace. Years ago, this meant that your only chance of success was to make a localized niche for yourself by working hard and gaining a loyal customer following in your neighborhood. If you ever hoped to break out of the neighborhood, you almost always had to invest in traditional—and pricey—advertising and marketing. Thankfully, since the advent of the internet and social media, the little guys and gals can now have as much global exposure as the biggest corporations.

But if you’re only using social media, you might be limiting yourself. As Hawaiian Gun Rack president and Big Kahuna Dennis Kahn explains, when it comes to raising brand awareness, social media exposure was—and continues to be—a cost effective saving grace. But when Dennis first started hand crafting his environmentally sustainable surfboard racks that are as artistic as they are efficient, ad words were the weapon of choice. As HGR grows with each customer acquired from his online marketing channels, Dennis has learned that he has to constantly evaluate which ones are working effectively—and which ones aren’t.

As Dennis goes to show, gone are the days when an underdog business has no way of reaching a wide audience. By utilizing social media, ad words and email marketing to create customer engagement, Dennis is able to boost both his brand and his revenue without scratching his budget. Whatever your product or service is, there is a social media platform that is perfectly suited for it and words to describe it. A product-based business, such as Hawaiian Gun Rack, would largely depend on a visual social media platform like Instagram, while a more service-driven business might use a combination of Twitter and Google AdWords. These days, achieving a solid online marketing mix should be part of any business plan. After all, a business that thrives online is a business that has a bright future.