What's the Best Content to Post on Social Media Sites?

by Robert Moskowitz

2 min read

“The single most important factor for making social media campaigns successful is content,” says Santanu Bhattacharya, CEO and founder of Salorix, a provider of online data and advice for effectively using it in marketing decisions.

Bhattacharya isn’t alone in his opinion. Experts agree that certain types of content are better than others, because they are far more likely to attract and hold the interest of customers and prospects.

Here are some suggestions for specific categories of social media content you can send out, which habitually do best at attracting attention and generating responses from prospects and customers:

Pictures, videos, and graphics: In the sea of text that floods most online media, arresting images stand out like lush tropical islands. Posting visual material — even if it doesn’t always relate directly to your company’s unique selling proposition — can grab people’s attention and keep them coming back for more. Even better, a well-planned infographic can convey a lot more information in an instant than a voluminous amount of text can convey in an hour.

Useful, relevant information: There’s so much to know and so much pressure to know it that people crave helpful information. (They don’t want to be scammed, spammed, or punk’d.) Keep your updates conversational in tone and easy to understand. Strong, clear statements work best. Companies that earn a reputation for providing accurate, relevant information are likely to develop a large and loyal social media following.

Jokes and cartoons: Everyone enjoys a good laugh, often even in “serious” contexts, such as business blogs, company newsletters, and professional discussions. A judiciously selected joke or cartoon — found elsewhere and bent to your purposes — can demonstrate your personality and help to establish a bond with your followers. Remember to keep everything in good taste (think G-rated and nondiscriminatory).

Contests and promotions: Offer people a chance to get something for nothing and they will likely respond with time, attention, and contact information. Use contests and promotions to attract new prospects, elicit responses to a survey, solicit information about people’s interests and needs, and so forth.

Personal comments: Success with social media is all about connecting with people. So, although you can and should tout your products and services, prospects and customers are often most interested in you and your personality. People want to feel like they are interacting with the real you. Respond to questions and comments, thank fans for sharing your content, and share relevant content from others with your followers.

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