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4 Cloud-Based Apps for Creating Bids and Proposals

By Kathryn Hawkins July 31, 2013

Anytime you provide prospective clients with a quote or an estimate for a big project or sales order, they’ll likely want to see a breakdown of costs, including materials and labor, before accepting your proposal.

Rather than spend time generating each new bid from scratch, why not use a cloud-based software program that will let you set up and save your own handy templates?

Here are four of the best ones available.

Quote Roller ($14.99 per month and up) — This app targets creative and professional consultants, but small-business owners in other industries can customize its templates for virtually any use. In fact, Quote Roller lets you set up a different template for each type of job that you do with fixed information, such as your terms and prices. This saves you time when generating quotes, because you only need to enter the details that are unique to a specific project. Once your proposal has been created, you can send it to your prospective client directly through the app, and he or she can instantly accept it — eliminating the need to create a separate contract.

Bidsketch ($19 per month and up) — Like Quote Roller, Bidsketch allows you to reuse and customize templates for different types of projects, saving you time when building estimates. It, too, is geared toward creative professionals but may be used in other ways. The software integrates with numerous other programs, including Basecamp project-management software and Highrise customer-relationship management software, automatically sharing data between the programs so you won’t need to submit it each time.

Proposable ($19 per month and up) — Proposable also allows users to develop custom templates for different types of projects. The app, which was developed for larger companies with sales teams, can also be used by sole proprietors. Why would you? Because, unlike Bidsketch and Quote Roller, Proposable allows for inline comments, so that clients may easily query or respond to specific elements of your proposal.

Privia ($29 per month per user, with a minimum of five users and a two-year commitment) — Unlike the tools mentioned above, which focus on building proposals for private companies or individuals, Privia helps businesses create bids for government contracts with local, state, or federal agencies. The software can easily import data from public and private sources to help you price your project competitively. It can also help you comply with government regulations for business proposals.

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