Increase Your Income by Publishing Your Own Book

by QuickBooks

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No matter what business you’re in, you can increase your income, profits, and market penetration by becoming an author.

My most successful strategy involves publishing a book twice: once as an ebook, and once as a paperback using’s CreateSpace service.

I used this strategy with my latest book, Money From Anywhere.

Start Making Money by Giving It Away

Initially, I released it as a free ebook at The offer was to trade a copy of the book for the reader’s email address and name. This is an excellent way to gather qualified leads, and using strategies I teach in my coaching program and author’s courses I was able to add over 6,000 qualified leads to my list in less than a week. They’re still coming in. I can now market related products and services to these leads, which will bring in more money than I make selling the book in the long run.

To create the eBook, I used OpenOffice to write the book and saved it as a PDF. OpenOffice is free, and most computers already have Adobe’s PDF reader installed. If not, it’s another free program the reader can install easily.

I use a variety of autoresponder services to create the form for gathering email addresses, and I recommend Aweber for most of my clients. Due to the stringent laws that apply to email marketing, I recommend that you always use a professional autoresponder service.

Then… Make More Money by Selling The Book

The second stage of the strategy is to publish the book using CreateSpace, which is’s self-publishing service. It’s easy. You just open up a free account at, upload your PDF file and graphics, and in a few days your book is available for sale at

With a little marketing, I was able to drive Money From Anywhere to #1 on the “Movers and Shakers” best-seller list, #1 on the “Home Based Business” best-seller list, and #156 out of all the books available at You can read the story of how I marketed it at

The Rest of the Story

The benefits of using this strategy are pretty compelling.

1. Money. Because I published the book myself, I made over $14 from every sale vs. (maybe) a dollar had I published it traditionally. This adds up fast.

2. When you become a published author, you’re automatically positioned as the expert in your field. This allows you to charge more for your services, makes your products more visible, and raises their perceived value in the mind of the customer.

3. The buzz from a successful book can lead to lucrative consulting and public speaking engagements.

4. Books are the most effective business cards. Through CreateSpace, you can order as many of your books as you want at a surprisingly reasonable rate. The psychological advantage you gain when you hand a prospect your book, instead of a business card, can increase your income dramatically.

After all, you’re “the expert.”

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