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Social Advertising Trends to Watch for in 2019

To succeed in social advertising, small businesses must know the latest trends. Here’s what’s ahead for social and how small retailers can apply to their businesses.

How Decision Science Can Improve Your Sales and Marketing

The human mind is not a very rational place, and that can be a problem when you try to base sales or marketing on rational ideas.

Want to Go Viral? Look at Age and Gender

How can businesses create digital marketing material that is most likely to go viral? The key is evoking specific emotions that make people want to share

Developing an Online Advertising Strategy

How to Test Your Copy

Marketing Tips From an Etsy Power User

Your Marketing Campaign Went Viral — Now What?

5 Tips to Improve Your Online Marketing

Are your business' online marketing efforts failing to make a connection? Then use these 5 tips to boost your efforts, using everything from email to social media.

The True Cost of Acquiring a New Customer

Learning your business' true cost of acquiring a new customer means quantifying the time, materials and fees that go into advertising. Learn how to do it here.

Apply This One Essential Advertising Principle To Sell Your Product Right

The most effective way to sell the pen is to create or tap into a need or desire for it.

New Marketing Ideas: Throwing a Google+ Hangout Party

SEM: An Online Advertising Guide for Small Business

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