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Online Store and Retail

4 Characteristics of a Great Retail Manager

By QuickBooks April 3, 2016

Studies have shown that most customers don’t offer retailers the chance to rectify a poor customer experience. This re-confirms that first impressions do make lasting impressions.

Merchants need to have strong retail management in place to ensure customer service and overall operations are effective, efficient and profit-oriented. Finding the right team to manage retail stores, however, doesn’t come easy.

Here are four characteristics of a strong retail manager.

1. Goal Oriented

When running a retail business—whether it’s a traditional storefront or other establishment—it’s great to have a goal-oriented leader in place. Without specific goals, reaching sales objectives can be a struggle.

The expert retail duo of Kizer and Bender reports: “Strong leadership always separates those that are successful and those that are struggling to find success.” They also note, if managers have goals in place, it encourages the whole business to stay on track.

2. Data Driven

When you have goal-oriented leaders in place, they understand the importance of setting and reaching sales objectives in an effort to meet or exceed sales growth. Using a point-of-sale system, such as QuickBooks Point of Sale, can offer managers powerful data and insights, while also providing them with a valuable tool to help reach their sales objectives.

POS data—such as inventory tracking, customer purchasing trends and reward program information—combined with goal-oriented individuals creates a dynamic duo for store success.

3. Tech Savvy

Technology surrounds nearly all professional working environments, including retail. While old-fashioned customer service will never go out of style, technology has inevitably become a key part of the retail experience for both customers and management alike.

Technology offers added assets to those running a retail environment, helping with everything from employee schedules, to sales tracking and identifying inventory needs. Through technology, these tasks become much easier to complete, while also delivering more effective experiences and outcomes for both the manager and the store.

When using the right technology, managers have more time to complete other tasks on their to-do list. If managers are both confident and comfortable using technology, stores can be more efficient and more profitable.

4. Time Focused

Technology can make managers more efficient, but managers still have to be smart with their time. Every decision made in a retail environment takes time, which means it’s one of the most valuable assets to the business.

A lean staff, tight budgets and back-ordered inventory can all impact your business. This means you’ll need a manager who can quickly support each of these issues and jump in where needed. This includes solving problems immediately, when necessary, and knowing when to delegate to support staff. It’s a manager’s job to determine what can be pushed to the side temporarily and what requires immediate attention, to eliminate problems that are wasting store and staff time, and to keep calm in the process.

A person who is goal-oriented, data-driven, tech-savvy and time-focused can make up the perfect retail manager for today’s increasingly busy, always-changing retail environment.

In retail, there are countless roles that impact final sales and customer service. Among them include retail managers, who serve as key leaders. Find managers with these characteristics, and provide them with the tools and technology they need to succeed.

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