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5 Ways to Supercharge Your Field Service Software

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Men In Kilts is an international home services franchise that is best known for its uniforms. But for a company whose calling card is the time-honored and traditional Scottish kilt, they’re forward-thinking when it comes to business software tools.

To start with, they use a centralized booking center to take orders for all of their franchisees. “The easier it is for our customers, the better it is for our franchisees and techs in the field,” says Chris Aconley, Men In Kilts COO. Below is a list of five ways to supercharge your field service software, and operate an efficient, paperless operation like Men In Kilts.

Field Service Software Tie-Ins that Work

Like pie a la mode, or peanut butter and chocolate, it’s great when things work well together. When the sum is greater than the parts. For service businesses managing their day-to-day operations, the same is true of the tools they use to run their businesses. They should work well as well together as pie and ice cream.

For a mobile service business (like plumbing, window washing, or junk removal), the hub of their operations is their field service software—the tools that manage the jobs and schedules of their fleet. But with the right integrations, you can get even more out of your field service software.

1. Online Booking

Take some of the work out of booking jobs by offering your customers the ability to book online.

Since your online booking engine is synced with your schedule and availability, a client can book and confirm an appointment without lifting a finger. All it takes is an online form that is tied into your field service software.

2. Route Optimization

With an entire fleet of trucks or vans coming and going, driving time is going to be a factor. And not just driving time, but also the skills and speed of your crews.

Have one crew that specializes in a certain type of job, or a certain neighborhood? Maybe some crews complete more jobs in a day than others? Build all of these allowances into your route optimization using a tool like Routific, and you’ll save time and money as a result.

3. Synchronize Your Sales Receipts, Invoices, and Quotes

Your scheduled jobs and works orders originate within your field service software, but the info can be synced with your accounting software. Your sales records, invoices, and even your quotes can be synced with QuickBooks, whether you’re using the online or desktop version.

4. Your Payments and Invoices Together in Harmony

When you take payments from customers, those payments and their corresponding invoices can link automatically to your accounting tools. You don’t have to spend valuable time hunting for an invoice just to record a payment.

Your field service software serves as the hub and data entry point, with the key transactional information being saved in Quickbooks.

5. Invoices by Email and Online Payments

Your invoice can not only be synced to Quickbooks, but can also be immediately sent to the customer along with a payment link.

Here’s how Men In Kilts do it, with nothing but smartphones: Technicians in the field can simply clock out of the job on their smartphones. An invoice is then emailed to the client, containing a link to a payment page. Sometimes they get paid even before leaving the job site.

Bonus Tip

Not only can your tie other business tools in with your field service software, but you can also track loads of different metrics.

Once you’ve got all the features lists above working well, take a look at your stats and see where you can make improvements in your business. How much time does each job take and how much revenue does create? With the right tweaks, you can supercharge not just your efficiency with administration but your profits as well.

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