When you’re the boss, you must calculate and manage taxes, wages and benefits for employees.


Salary or Draw: How to Pay Yourself as a Business Owner

As a business owner, you can choose to pay yourself a salary, take owner draws from your business- or both. Learn why this decision has a big impact on your personal tax liability and your ability to manage the business moving forward. Use these tips to pay yourself a salary or a draw.

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Hiring, Recruiting and HR

How to Hire Your First Employees

HR Laws and Regulation

5 Payroll Mistakes You Might Be Making (and Should Fix)


Avoidable, easy to fix payroll mistakes

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Why wages matter to your workers and to the long-term health of your business

As a small business owner, you want to show your employees you value their services by providing a healthy paycheck. But given the expense and unpredi...

Celebrating family business payroll managers for National Payroll Week

We celebrated National Payroll Week with the family of Cobblestone Construction. We talked about the challenges of managing payroll and the reward of working with family.

Employee Compensation and Benefits: The Complete Guide

Get the definitive guide to employee compensation packages and benefits in this comprehensive QuickBooks resource written by payroll expert Katey Maddux.

More Hiring Predicted in 2019 by New QuickBooks Survey

Business owners and recruiters are upbeat about hiring more workers in 2019 according to a new survey from QuickBooks Payroll.

Options for Managing Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll helps small business owners manage the complexity of paying their employees, easily, securely and accurately.

Hiring Your First Employee: Must-Knows & Mistakes to Avoid

Congratulations on hiring your first employee! Three entrepreneurs reveal their first hiring mistakes, and let you know what you can do to avoid them too.

VIDEO: Accounting for Your Hired Help

As a sole proprietor, how do you properly account for hiring other sole proprietors in your books? Learn how makeup artist Suzie Moldavon does it here.

3 Ways for Small Businesses to Prepare for Minimum Wage Hikes

Here are some tips for handling these wage changes so your business can make these adjustments just another part of watching your bottom line.

TSheets by QuickBooks Makes Payroll Easier

Minimum Wage by State Guide

State by State guide to understanding minimum wage requirements

How to run your business like a well-oiled machine

Running a business requires managing a variety of moving parts. Learn what make up the building blocks of a well-run business and get tips on reaching maximum efficiency.

9 Workplace Benefits to Inspire Employee Loyalty

Discover the benefits small business employees value most to attract and develop the best.

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