Products and Manufacturing


Mastering FOB shipping points to grow your business

Shipping terms dictate when product ownership passes to the buyer and who pays for the shipment

Would a Supply-Chain Analysis Improve Your Bottom Line?

How to Build Great Relationships With Suppliers

Building a great relationship with your suppliers may seem like navigating a minefield. Get tips for effective supplier relationship management.

How to Develop and Manufacture a Prototype

Learn how to make a prototype; a physical representation of an invention or product. See a list of steps for developing and manufacturing a prototype.

How to Sell Your Product Internationally

Guide to Product Packaging

Product packaging is essential to the success of your physical product. Learn about creating your packaging, packaging design, and source materials.

The Beginner’s Guide to Building a Physical Product

Understanding the product life cycle

All products, physical or not, have a life cycle. From the growth stage to decline, learn what to expect during each period of your product's life cycle.

Break even analysis: How to calculate your business’s profitability

In order to conduct your own break-even analysis, you’ll need three pieces of information. Monthly fixed costs, variable cost and average price per unit

How to Create an Agile Manufacturing Plan

Agile manufacturing can play a big role in your business' success if implemented correctly. Find out what agile manufacturing is and how to plan for it.

10 Tips to Effectively Manage Vendors and Suppliers

The most important relationships in your business are your relationships with vendors and suppliers. Get 10 tips for managing vendor relationships.

How to Hire a Contract Manufacturer

Great product ideas are the basis for many successful businesses, but you'll have to move from the idea stage to producing an actual product eventually.

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