Small business tax deductions: What to claim and how to claim it

Every year your business is eligible for tax deductions. If you are self-employed, the standard deduction may not get the maximum return. Learn more.

Your 1099 form: 7 mistakes to avoid and 4 tips to prevent an audit

Taxes for the self-employed can be tricky. If you need to file a 1099, be sure to avoid these 7 mistakes and follow these 4 tips to avoid an audit.

How to earn extra income as a part-time real estate agent

The ultimate guide to tax deductions for the self-employed

Deducting business expenses can help you save money as a self-employed professional or freelancer. We have a complete list of self-employed tax deductions you can take.

Seven tips for setting up a home-based business

No place like home: Understanding your home office deduction

If you have a home office for your business, then knowing whether to use the simplified method or the regular method could get you a larger tax deduction.

The Self-Employed Guide to QuickBooks Connect

Want to level up your self-employed career? QuickBooks Connect has you covered.

VIDEO: Self-Employed Confidence: Knowing What You’re Worth

Self-employment is great, but you won't get far without setting a price you can afford. Learn how Suzie Moldavon approaches pricing strategies for her business.

7 Tax Audit Triggers for Self-Employed Professionals

As a self-employed worker, you are responsible for your own taxes. Learn how to avoid an IRS audit by keeping clear of these 7 audit triggers.

How Self-Employed Professionals Can Minimize Their Taxes

If you are self employed, you are repsonsible for filing and paying taxes. Learn about self employment taxes and how to reduce what you owe the IRS.

8 Ways to Become a Better Freelancer

You've left the rat race and figured out how to be a freelancer. Get some tips to ensure your freelance life is productive and personally rewarding.

Flat Fees and Packages: How to Price Your Services Like Products

Stuck on hourly pricing? Why not try flat rates and packages? Take the ambiguity out of hourly pricing, and boost sales by marketing your services like products.

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