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Ask the expert: How can e-commerce businesses drive sales on a budget?

Rizos Curls CEO Julissa Prado's marketing budget was $0 when she founded her e-commerce business. She shares 5 tips to keep costs low and productivity high.

Shipping options and tips for small businesses

No matter how much or how little you ship, you have a few options to choose from when it comes to shipping carriers. Let's take a look.

21 holiday promotion ideas for small businesses

Choose one or more of these 21 holiday promotions to maximize your holiday sales. Make this Christmas season even more successful for your small business.

How to prepare for the holiday rush

The countdown is on! As shoppers make their list and check it twice, retailers should too, as they prep for the busy holiday shopping season.

22 Small Business Saturday tips to beat big retailers in 2019

Small Business Saturday gives control back to small business owners in the hectic holiday shopping season. Here are 22 tips to get ready and optimized.

How to design a killer loyalty program

Whether you haven’t yet created a loyalty program, or have one that's languishing, here is everything you need to know to create a killer loyalty program.

4 Steps to Prepare For The 2018 Holiday Season

Learn how to create a plan to manage company growth during the holiday season. Read about tools you can use to manage your cash and staffing needs.

5 Ways to Get Return Customers

The number-one secret for increasing conversion rates is to sell more to people who’ve already bought from you. Here are some ways to make sure they return.

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