Sales Tax


States without sales tax

Five states don't have a statewide sales tax: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. Use this guide to learn how this affects your business.

The business owner’s guide to internet sales tax

If you’re an online retailer that sells goods over the internet, and you have a presence in the state of delivery, you may need to pay sales tax.

New Year, New Sales Tax Laws

Some states will implement sales tax rate and law changes effective January 1, 2019

Sales tax license: When you need one and when you don't

Most businesses that sell something need to collect sales tax. Here's how to get and manage a sales tax license so you stay out of trouble with your state.

Sales tax calculation: Zip codes are a start but not enough

When it comes to using a sales tax calculator, zip codes may not be enough to get the correct rate. Here's what you need to know to avoid owing money

Ten tips for a successful sales tax audit

10 tips to help get your small business through a sales tax audit successfully.

Ten states with the lowest sales tax rates in the US

This article takes a look into 10 states that have the lowest combined sales tax rates in the US.

Mapping your products in an automated tax system

How mapping products in an automated system leads to more accurate tax collection

Top ten states with the highest sales tax rates in the US

A quick look at the ten states with the highest combined sales tax rates in the US.

Digesting the complicated topic of food tax

Food tax rates are set at the state and local level, which means they can vary everywhere you do business. Learn how these taxes can impact your company.

The August back-to-school sales tax holiday wave is coming

The August heat brings more than sun shine. August also brings a wave of sales tax holidays.

Top ten strategies for dealing with sales tax

This article discusses ten useful strategies for small businesses dealing with sales tax.

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