Top 7 Social Media Management Tools

by Andrea Hayden

4 min read

Most businesses are aware of the impact social media can have upon their image and often try to integrate these tools and networks into their marketing campaigns. The benefits of social networking are tremendous; however, with the growing number of social networks and accounts, the simple task of updating your content can become daunting.

While you may realize that there is more to social media than simply updating your status, it may be difficult to analyze the results you are getting, to find the time to post content throughout the day or to simply check your multiple accounts. These social media management tools are available to help you monitor and update your accounts, providing you with the analytics and capabilities to have a more successful social media presence:

1. HootSuite

This well-known dashboard makes it easy to manage social media campaigns by letting you manage multiple accounts in one location. The site works with nearly every social media and blogging platform; if the network you want to include isn’t available through their free service, their App Directory allows you to add accounts to your dashboard.

At your dashboard, you can schedule updates, track mentions of your brand and analyze your social media traffic more comprehensively. You can track conversions, searches and results from your dashboard. Your dashboard can even be accessed by a mobile app, letting you check your account anywhere, anytime. To take a free course on HootSuite, click here.

2. TweetDeck

This Twitter-owned tool is a web-based platform that can be accessed through a desktop or laptop. The service provides you with the ability to monitor your Twitter feeds and manage all of your social media accounts, personal or business, in one location. You can schedule posts and set notification alerts for tweets, such as those posted by a competitor or ones that include certain keywords, links or hashtags that you find relevant.

The site is clean and organized, arranging your feeds into columns and providing filter capabilities. You can organize all of your feeds into groups and lists of your choosing, such as preferred customers or potential clients. While the site is not available as a mobile app, it is compatible with Windows and Mac computers and Chrome browsers.

3. Buffer

Another popular and well-known app, Buffer is great for scheduling updates and content for multiple types of social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and more. The service can be used by multiple people at your business, so it is helpful if you don’t have one single employee responsible for social media. Analytics allow you to analyze post-engagement and to track patterns on which factors increase engagement, such as subject matter, time of post, etc.

The ability to change the content schedule daily or weekly, depending on analytics, makes this app a must-have. It provides you with the opportunity to be consistent and fully engaged across all of your networks, creating great online customer service and marketing opportunities.

4. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is the perfect app for saving time, with productivity tools for all of your social media. The free and paid options give a wide variety of choices, from scheduling content, to daily email digests of your social media activity. The app works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blog feeds and more.

They have a lot of bandwidth for content scheduling (for example, you can schedule up to 500 future tweets at one time). SocialOomph also makes it easy to find and follow people and brands, monitor activity and track keywords. You can integrate the service with your email accounts, helping you clean up your inboxes and messages. All of this is provided with guaranteed secure access, giving you assurance that your information is safe.

5. SocialFlow

This service is great for monitoring all of your social media content and conversations in one location. The analytics provided let you know the best times to publish to get the most engagement and to increase conversions. These insights make social media more valuable.

You can track and follow interests through the app, using the analytics to find the right audience for your message at the right time. These sophisticated tools can even help you decide when to pay for sponsored or promoted ads on your social accounts.

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another scheduling dashboard that is very useful for monitoring all of your activity from all of your networks by combining everything into one manageable feed. The service also has business development tools for your social media accounts, including analytics that monitor online interaction, keywords and hashtags.

The visual metrics are available online or through a mobile app. Content scheduling for all of your accounts is also available, although the site only currently works with TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn. However, the single-feed feature is very useful and is a great tool for small businesses that don’t have much time for social media.

7. Postling

A great service to find out what people think about your business, Postlingmonitors social networks and review sites to track what people are saying about you. This includes sites such as Facebook and Twitter, along with review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. The service alerts you when there arecomments on any of these networks or on your blog, letting you give instant feedback to customers.

You can track keywords as well, so you can be on the lookout for potential customers by tracking their needs. You also have the ability to post to all of your accounts and to schedule future posts.

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