Starting Up


6 elevator pitch examples: How to write your business pitch

Elevator pitches are essential for capturing interest in your business. Perfect your pitch with these effective elevator pitch examples and template.

How to create a process & procedures manual

Learn why a procedures manual can help you work more efficiently and prevent theft. Read about how you can work with your staff to write a procedures manual.

How to start a business with no money

Dreaming of starting your own business but think you don't have enough money? In this guide, we'll show you how to turn your existing skill set into a successful business on a shoestring budget

Create a support network

Entrepreneurs with larger & more diverse networks grow their businesses bigger. We go over the many options you have to grow your network.

Close the gap with education

Whether you need private business consulting, online classes, or want a business accelerator for your startup, we have you covered.

Decode the finance game

Figure out how much money you need, what's the best option to get it, and then prepare like your business depends on it, because it does.

100 business blogs that you need to start reading

If you want to increase your business savvy, these insightful business blogs can give you the information you need to run a company — MBS not required.

The realities of self-employment

In a recent study conducted by QuickBooks Self-Employed, titled “The Realities of Self Employment,” we surveyed 500 self-employed individuals, age 18- 54+ to get a clearer picture of how working for yourself can impact daily life.

10 mistakes to avoid when starting a small business

Running a small business has its ups and downs. Get expert advice for how to stay clear of some of the most costly mistakes you can make as a small business owner.

Should You Seek Investment, Incur Debt or Bootstrap?

Choosing how to fund your small business is an important part of your business plan. Read through three different options to find out what's right for you.

Give Women Credit: The Challenges of Being a Woman in Business

40% of new businesses are women owned, but almost half don't seek outside funding. This guide hopes to change that.

VIDEO: Starting Up? Trust Numbers, Not Instincts

For new small business owners, starting up will require a lot of passion — but also frequent check-ins on key financial reports.

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