13 common expenses and tax deductions for independent contractors

Self-employed contractors and construction workers can write off many expenses on their taxes. Our list of contractor and construction tax deductions has them all.

Single-member LLCs vs. sole proprietorships: Registering your business

Sole proprietorships are easy and cheap to form but don't offer the limited liability or business legitimacy that many entrepreneurs want.

The ultimate guide to tax deductions for the self-employed

Deducting business expenses can help you save money as a self-employed professional or freelancer. We have a complete list of self-employed tax deductions you can take.

Do you need to pay quarterly taxes? What you need to know

Understanding quarterly estimated taxes is crucial come tax time. We go over everything you need to know so you can accurately make your estimated tax payments.

Need to pay Lyft taxes? Here's how to file

Paying Lyft taxes means paying taxes as an independent contractor, which can get complicated. Make sure you ace your return with these tips for filing.

Work/Life Balance Still a Struggle for Self-Employed Workers

A recent study by QuickBooks Self-Employed reveals the good and bad of being your own boss. Flexible hours, working weekends, and how often the self-employed take vacations are only some of the insights revealed.

Taxes for eBay Sellers: What You Need to Know

Whether you use eBay as a hobby or a business, keep these things in mind when you file your taxes.

How to Manage Your Finances as an On-Demand Worker

With quarterly estimated taxes, 1099s, increased expenses and more, freelance on-demand workers must have healthy financial management to find success.

Your 1099 form: 7 mistakes to avoid and 4 tips to prevent an audit

Taxes for the self-employed can be tricky. If you need to file a 1099, be sure to avoid these 7 mistakes and follow these 4 tips to avoid an audit.

How to sell on Etsy: A guide to selling handmade goods online

Do you produce items that would be perfect for Etsy? Read how to start an Etsy store and set up a successful online shop to generate money from day one.

Complete guide to filing self-employment taxes

Our guide to quarterly and year-end taxes for freelancers and the self-employed covers everything you need to know for your self-employed taxes.

Self-employed? 9 Key Questions About Tax Reform and Your 2018 Return

Self-employed freelancers, contractors and sole proprietors need to ask these 9 key question about how the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, signed into law in December 2017, impacts tax deductions and credits on your 2018 taxes.

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