Venture Capital


Venture Capital vs Bootstrapping: How Does the Difference Play Out?

Understanding the differences between venture capital and bootstrapping can help you make important decisions for your company's future.

How to Raise Venture Capital

Download The Complete Guide to Equity Financing

Funding a business? From seed and angel rounds, to strategic investors and venture capital, learn about equity financing with our free e-book.

How To Use Venture Capital To Fund Your Business

What is venture capital, when should I go after VC funds and how do I pitch them? These are just a few questions we answer in our Guide to Equity Financing.

INFOGRAPHIC: What’s the Difference Between Angel Investors and Venture Capital?

Should your business pursue angel investors or venture capital? And what's the difference? Understand the two with our infographic on equity financing.

VIDEO: How to Find, Pitch and Land Venture Capital Investors

Vincent Bradley, CEO of FlashFunders, offers insider tips on how to find and pitch venture capital investors as part of our series on equity financing.

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