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A Small Business Owner’s Guide to the 1099 Form

We've got details on what small business owners need to know about where to get 1099 forms and how to file them easily

What does the IRS look for in an audit?

Small business owners know all too well the frustrations and anxiety a tax audit can cause. There is no guaranteed way to avoid an audit, but QuickBooks sat down with some tax experts to discuss best practices to avoid and be prepared for an audit.

Complete guide to filing self-employment taxes

Our guide to quarterly and year-end taxes for freelancers and the self-employed covers everything you need to know for your self-employed taxes.

Everything you need to know about small business tax payments

Although revenues may be tiny, new small businesses must still fulfill their annual tax burdens. Here are 5 things new business owners must know about income taxes.

Handle the 1099-MISC like a pro with these 6 simple steps

If you employ independent contractors, you're required to prepare 1099s for each worker for tax purposes. Here's everything you need to know about the process.

Making sense of deferred tax assets and liabilities

Deferred tax assets reduce your tax liability in future years, but your company may never realize them. Is this a way to keep your business secure?

8 common tax audit triggers to avoid

Filing small business taxes? Your accountant needs these 5 documents

Running a small business is hard enough without the complication of filing your taxes. Use these tips to better understand the process and when in doubt hire an accountant.

How to write off a vacation on your taxes

If done properly, the IRS allows business owners to write off parts of their vacation expenses, even if the trip isn't only for business purposes.|If done properly, the IRS allows business owners to write off parts of their vacation expenses, even if the trip isn't only for business purposes.

What you can and can't write off with business travel

For many small business owners, traveling is a necessity. Learn which business travel deductions you can claim, and which ones you can't.

Tax basics for limited liability companies (LLCs)

If you're a limited liability company, or starting one, knowing the tax benefits and disadvantages of an LLC is crucial. Learn the basics now.

How new businesses can minimize their unemployment insurance tax rates

Unemployment insurance tax is the only tax you can control through sound business practices. Learn about managing your unemployment insurance rate.

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