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When can you write off meals on your taxes?

Writing off the cost of meals while traveling or meeting with clients is a perk for business owners. We go over all the IRS rules for business meal deductions.

What Happens When Your Business Owes the IRS Money?

Do you owe the IRS money? Haven't a clue about what to do next? If so, then read on for a list of your options, including extensions, installment plans and more.

9 Tax Scams That Could Hurt Your Business in 2015

The IRS released its list of tax scams for 2015, nine of which have implications for small businesses. Learn how tax scams can affect your business.

5 Mobile Apps for Tax Season

With tax time upon us, let's look at some of the tax apps for mobile devices that can help you save time filing your taxes and managing your finances.

5 Major Small Business Tax Mistakes to Avoid

With so much going on in your world, it's easy to make mistakes with your small business return.

Expert Tips: How to Deal With the IRS

Need to deal with the IRS? Take a deep breath, get your notes organized, and use these tips that can ease the pain when the IRS comes calling.

Schedule C for Small Business Owners: 6 Tips to Make Tax Time a Breeze

If you're a sole proprietor involved in making or selling a product, Schedule C, which you use to report business income and expenses to the IRS, can be your friend.

State Income Tax Laws: 2015 Updates

There's been more than a few updates to state tax laws. So here's your guide to ensure you minimize your burden and maximize your return in 2015.

Small Business Guide to Internet Sales Tax

Does your business really have to collect sales taxes for internet sales? It's likely you do. Read on to learn what you need to do to sell across state lines.

Not So Obvious Small Business Tax Deductions You Could Be Missing

Lawn care and dog food are legitimate tax deductions? Sounds wild but sometimes they work. See a list of little-known small businses tax deductions.

File Fast: 5 Last-Minute Federal Tax Form Tips

There's still time to complete an accurate federal tax form. Get tips on completing federal tax forms plus steps that reduce the stress of tax season.

Why You May Have To Pay Franchise Tax Even If You Don’t Run A Franchise

Franchise taxes may also apply to small businesses that don't operate fast food operations. Many states use the tax to raise revenue.

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