5 Tools for Managing Big Data

by Jaimy Ford

2 min read

The business world is all abuzz about the part big data plays in developing effective marketing and sales strategies. In case you haven’t heard about it yet, big data is a term that marketing and IT folks are using to define the massive amount of data regarding customers that is coming at marketers from all directions

Big data includes all of the information you’ve collected on customers throughout the years by traditional processes (email marketing campaigns,customer management software, web analytics, etc.) and all the data coming from customers’ online and social media usage. It takes time and effort to analyze and process the data—even more to figure out what to do with the information once you actually understand it enough to see patterns and draw conclusions about your customer base.

That’s why wrangling big data is out of reach for most business owners, who quite simply don’t have the manpower or budget to spend time on it. The good news is that you don’t have to ignore big data any longer.

These tools can take the big pain out of big data:

Apache Hadoop

An open-source software that allows you to store and process large amounts of data across clusters of computers, systems and files, Apache™ Hadoop® provides the tools for extracting intelligence from your data through analysis and visualization. Simply download a release to get started, and if you need further instruction, you can check out the free tutorials offered here.


A winner of “InfoWorld’s 2013 Technology of the Year Award,” Jaspersoftprovides a business intelligence (BI) suite that covers a broad range of services, including reporting, online analytical processing and data integration and visualization. Connect to MongoDB Analytics, Hadoop Analytics,Cassandra Analytics and others to build reports, dashboards and more.

Jaspersoft offers hourly pricing, with fees starting at less than $1 per hour.


Skytree delivers analytics on customer segmentationchurn prediction, fraud detection, lead scoring and more. It connects to your existing IT infrastructure, and it can be configured to accept data streams from relational databases, Hadoop systems, flat filesstatistical software and machine learning libraries.

Contact the company to learn more about pricing.


This product, designed for teams of analysts to evaluate big data on Hadoop, is installed on a physical or virtual Linux server and accessed via industry-standard web browsers. Karmasphere allows you to organize your big data analytics, assists in guiding your workflow and provides activity status so your projects can remain within both your timeline and budget. It uses over 250 pre-packaged Hadoop standard algorithms.

Test-drive the service with a free trial.


Talend is an open-source environment that allows you to simply load, extract, transform and process big data. You will have access to a full palette of components for NoSQL connectivity under an open-source Apache license.

While it may seem overwhelming, big data is no longer just for the big boys. Studies show that small businesses can benefit from gathering customer data; they also show that exposing owners, managers and the employees to the data can help improve the team’s competitive thinking. If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of big data before you proceed, take some time to read up on the subject and watch some tutorials provided by Hortonworks (creator of Hadoop) here.

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