15 Best Android Apps for Small Businesses

by QuickBooks

3 min read

The Android App Market might not get the same kind of publicity that the iPhone App Store does, but if you use an Android smartphone device, you can find just as many amazing apps to manage your small business as iPhone users can. You just need to know how to find them.

Search no further, as we present our list of 15 of the best Android apps for small businesses. Take a look and see how many of these apps could make your day easier, speed up tasks, or directly affect how you run your business.

1. Pure Calendar Widget ($2.07)
If you’re not satisfied with the calendar function on your Android device, then try the Pure Calendar Widget app that syncs with Google Calendar as well as popular to-do Android apps like Astrid (see below).

2. Astrid Task/To Do List (free)
Astrid is a great app for managing your to do lists. It syncs with Google Tasks and enables you to set reminders, priorities, and backup tasks to your SD card. Two extension apps are available that provide more features: Astrid Power Pack ($3.99) allows you to add tasks by voice, and Astrid Locale Add-on ($1.49) makes your to do list location aware.

3. Document Scanner (free)
Scan documents and receipts with your Android device’s camera and save them in PDF format. You can email them or upload them to Google Docs or Dropbox (see below).

4. Dropbox (free)
Using this app, you can sync files online and across computers with your Android device so you can access them anywhere.

5. Project Viewer ($3.99)
If Gantt charts and project tracking are your thing, then this is the app for you. It allows you to open Microsoft Project files or .xml files from email, the web, or your Android device.

6. GDocs (free)
If you use Google Docs, you need the free GDocs Android app which lets you create, view, and edit documents from your Google Docs account. You can also import, export, and email your documents with this app.

7. DocumentsToGo Full Version Key ($14.99)
For Microsoft Office users, the full version of the DocumentsToGo app offers everything you need to work on the go. You can view, edit, and create Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents as well as Google Docs and Adobe PDF documents. There’s also a desktop application for synchronizing your files to your PC. If you only need to view and edit Word and Excel files, the free Documents To Go 3.0 app might work for you.

8. Wyse PocketCloud Pro RDP/VNC ($14.99)
Take your office with you! You can access your Windows, Mac, or virtual computer and files from your Android device using this app.

9. Titanium Backup Root (free)
What happens if you lose your phone or it breaks? Your data might be lost forever. Fortunately, this app backs up everything for you for your next handset.

10. TimeCatcher (free)
This time reporting app from Intuit Labs lets you track the time you spend on billable projects with a built-in timer. It also automatically records the time you spend on billable calls.

11. Expensify (free)
Enter expense transactions and photograph receipts, then upload them to an Expensify.com account to create and send expense reports. You can even connect your account to your bank for direct expense reimbursements.

12. Intuit GoPayment (free)
You can accept and process credit card payments from your Android device when you install the Intuit GoPayment app.

13. BeyondPod (free)
Keep up with news and commentary about your industry with this app, which lets you read RSS feeds and listen to podcasts via your Android device. The free version is a 7-day trial. If you like it, you have to pay $6.99 for the BeyondPod Unlock Key in order to continue using it.

14. Cab4Me (free)
Have you ever been traveling on business, needed a cab, but couldn’t find one? This free app solves that problem by allowing you to quickly and easily notify local taxi companies of your location and your need for a ride.

15. FlightTrack ($4.99)
With FlightTrack, you can keep track of flight times while you’re traveling on business so you always stay on schedule. The FlightTrack Upgrade app ($4.99) gives you live itinerary updates (without retyping information) and synchronizes with the free TripIt app, which helps you organize all of your travel plans and information.

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