2011 Small Business New Year's Resolutions

by QuickBooks

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You’ve seen the typical New Year’s Resolution list dozens of times. It always includes familiar standbys (get to that gym, already!), many of which you may have actually written for yourself.

Here you’ll find our list of top New Year’s Resolutions for small businesses, with a different twist on some of the classics you’ve no doubt seen before:

#10 — Go green – To help the office and the environment, use only green cleaning products, recycled paper, recycled printer ink, compact fluorescent bulbs, and only print something when it’s absolutely necessary.

#9 – Stop smoking – Quitting can actually help your business because your breath will be fresher, your clothes will smell better, and your dry cleaning costs will drop dramatically.

#8 – Lose weight: Fire your worst clients – We all have clients that drive us crazy and take up far too much of our time for far too little money. If you can afford to fire any of these guys, do it! Doing so will free up your time to find better clients who value your services instead of abusing them.

#7 – Get organized – Tired of never seeing your actual desk across a sea of paper piles and business cards? Get organized or hire a professional organizer. It’s money and time and well spent.

#6 – Exercise your body and mind – Just about everyone wants to exercise more often when the New Year rolls around; it’s as easy as taking a 20-minute walk daily, which can recharge your batteries to work harder. Don’t forget to exercise your mind by doing brain teasers, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or word jumbles. Play games like Scrabble and Jeopardy. Or just read some great books.

#5 – Eat healthier foods at the office and home – Instead of driving through a fast food restaurant or dining from a vending machine, try a healthier diet, such as carrots and hummus, apples and cheese, salads, soups, or even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Making your meals instead of dining out will save money, too.

#4 – Learn something new – Learn a new skill that can make your small business more attractive and interesting. Perhaps you can start blogging about your business to increase your digital footprint.

#3 – Spend more time with family – Take that long-overdue vacation, work more efficiently so you spend fewer hours at the office, or try to have dinner at home with your family more regularly.

#2 – Give back to your community – Do some volunteer work in your community, feed the homeless, or take part in a walkathon to raise money for a good cause. You’ll be surprised how great doing any of these can make you feel – and raise your business profile.

#1 – Become a big business – Grow smartly and sustainably to eventually become a big business. Or at least become a bigger medium-sized business with higher revenue, lower costs, and more clients.

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