4 Apps for Getting Rid of Paperwork

by Kathryn Hawkins

1 min read

Would you like to clear the clutter from your filing cabinets and convert to a paperless office? Many of us would, but it can be tough to avoid the print-sign-scan cycle that so many businesses rely on.

Here are four apps that can help you snap out of it:

SignEasy (Android and iOS; $1.99 for every five documents or $19.99 per year) — Signing a new contract or vendor agreement? It can be a hassle to print out all of the paperwork, sign it, scan it, and send it back. SignEasy can eliminate these in-between steps: Simply open the digital file in the SignEasy app on your smartphone or tablet and draw your signature with a stylus or finger. (You can also insert an image file of your actual sig.) Choose text, date, initial, and additional signature options, then simply save and email the completed file back — or use an online fax service.

DocuSign Ink (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone; pricing based on use, $180 per year for pro membership) — DocuSign Ink offers a range of digital document-signing options to both sole proprietors and larger businesses. The cloud-based app maintains a detailed record of all signed documents searchable by signee. It’s extremely popular among real estate agents, who use DocuSign Ink to streamline their client contracts. (The app is available for desktop computers as well as smartphones and tablets.)

iFax (Android and iOS; about $1 per five pages) — If you ditched your fax machine in the ’90s but some of your clients still rely on faxing documents, this app is for you. Use iFax to scan and e-sign files and then send them to a fax machine anywhere in the world. The app also allows you to set up your own inbound fax number to receive documents securely.

Genius Scan (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone; free or $2.99 for premium; pictured) — This app turns your smartphone or tablet into a portable scanner, allowing you scan documents with a photograph, then enhance a document’s color and crop, straighten a scanned image, and group multiple documents into a single file. You can organize your documents with tags and send them to your computer or email them to others. The upgraded version also allows you to export documents to cloud-based storage services (such as Evernote and Dropbox) and print to a compatible printer.

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