5 Free iPhone Applications for Small Business

by QuickBooks

1 min read

You don’t have to pay a dime to take advantage of all the great iPhone applications available through iTunes; there are plenty of free apps available that can help your business succeed. From paying bills to signing contracts, there’s almost nothing your iPhone can’t do. Here are a few of our favorite free business applications for the irrepressibly popular handset.

1) Twitter – Communicate with your customers in short, 140 character messages via your phone. The best Twitter iPhone app is the one the company makes itself. Not only can you search for individuals and businesses using this app, you can follow other members and even host chats.  Twitter is an easy way to keep up with current trends, gain the interest of new customers, and get people to read your blog — all of which equals higher sales.

2) Documents 2 Free (Savy Soda) – This all-in-one mobile office suite is a life saver when you’re on the go and can’t get to a computer. Among the many apps it includes, you get iSpreadsheet, a mobile spreadsheet app, Google Sync, which lets you upload and download directly to Google’s online storage, a photo album, and the ability to preview just about any document type. Transfer files between just about any device, too, including iPhone, iPod, Mac, and PC.

3) DocQ (Docudesk) – You can scan, upload, or import PDFs, including an invoice PDF, to DocQ and have instant access to them with this app. No scanner or fax machine? No problem. Any important contracts, agreements, or other documents that need signing can be done by using the iPhone touchscreen.

4) PayPal – Send and receive payments securely without revealing your bank account information.  It’s free to sign up for and more convenient than going to the ATM, withdrawing cash, or mailing out checks. Check your balance, withdraw funds, invoice clients, and view past transactions safely with this app.

5) Dragon Dictation (Nance Communications) – Get things done in half the time with this voice recognition app powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Rather than type out texts and email messages, simply speak into the microphone on your iPhone and watch the words turn into text on your screen.  Then just cut and paste the transcription into any other app where you need it.

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