6 Cool Cases for Your iPhone

by Susan Johnston

1 min read

Whether you’ve recently upgraded to an iPhone or you’re a long-time user, it’s smart to protect your shiny tech toy with a case. After all, there’s nothing like a cracked screen or a broken iPhone to ruin your day. And take it from someone who lives in a two-iPhone household: A distinctive case helps prevent annoying mix-ups, too.

From funky to functional, here are six iPhone cases to consider.

  1. Bamboo iPhone Case from Grove (pictured), $69 and up
    We love the slick simplicity of Grove’s plain bamboo case, but it also offers a variety of artistic designs on the back (or a custom design if you’re feeling creative). Plus, Grove’s cases are made in Portland, Oregon, so you have the satisfaction of supporting a U.S.-based small business.
  2. iPhone 4 Fuel Lite – Battery Extender Case From Case-Mate, $60
    Ever spent the day running from meeting to meeting when your iPhone runs out of juice? Not with this battery extender case! This impact-resistant case gives you up to four additional hours or internet or talk time beyond the standard iPhone battery life. Recharging works via microUSB.
  3. Amphibian All Weather Case for iPhone 4, $30
    If you’re someone  who’s prone to spills (or likes to take underwater photos), then this case offers extra assurance. The silicon jacket provides extra drop protection.
  4. BoxWave Keyboard Buddy iPhone 4 Case, $70
    Miss having a keyboard? This protective case includes a Bluetooth keyboard that slides back into place when not in use and recharges via USB. It’s also lightweight, weighing only one-tenth of a pound.
  5. Scosche Kickback Case for iPhone 4, $15
    This glossy black case includes a built-in kickstand for landscape viewing, handy for when you want to watch a video or set your iPhone on a table to use as an alarm clock. It also features a impact-resistant rubber interior in case you drop it.
  6. iPhone 4 Cases from Case Scenario in Pantone Color, $36
    Inspired by Pantone colors and available in nine different hues, these boldly colored iPhone cases make it highly unlikely that you’ll grab the wrong handset by mistake.

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