6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Evernote Business

by Brian Carey

2 min read

Evernote is just a simple, note-taking app, right? It’s really nothing more than free software that makes it easier to jot down random thoughts, important or otherwise, on your computer or smartphone.

Wrong. Evernote Business is a powerful productivity tool that every small-business owner should already be using. For $10 per user per month, you can make your operations more efficient.

Here are six reasons why you need Evernote Business:

1. Your business’s “front page” — You can use Evernote to store all sorts of data concerning your business. This includes sales figures, ideas for productivity enhancements, action items, business cards from vendors, and receipts for expense reports. Evernote entries are searchable and taggable. Also, all of your information is stored in the cloud, making it readily accessible when you’re online.

2. Peace of mind — Because all of your data is stored in the cloud, it’s automatically backed up. Even if your hard drive crashes or your lose your mobile device, your information is preserved. Simply enter your username and password and retrieve your notes from your new device.

3. Ubiquity — You can use Evernote on almost any popular digital device. This includes your Mac or Windows laptop or desktop, your iOS smartphone or tablet, or your Android mobile device. The app is also available for Windows 8 phones, but with limited functionality.

4. Immediate, professional presentation — Transferring your ideas into presentation software so you can pitch them to others can be a huge time sink. Evernote lets you immediately present your ideas in a professional layout with just one click. As of this writing, this feature is available with Evernote for Mac version 5.3 and higher, with other platforms expected soon. You can view a demo of presentation mode here.

5. Communication, collaboration, and coordination — Small-business projects often require effective teamwork. Evernote streamlines collaboration: Notes saved by colleagues in a shared notebook can be accessed by up to 250 users per day. With Evernote Business, you’ll not only be able to share notes with specific individuals, but you’ll be able to publish your notebooks to the company library so that everyone can read them.

6. Work-life harmony — Many small-business owners spend their days juggling personal and professional tasks. Evernote can help: The app allows you to conveniently store your work and life data in one place: Just create a private notebook that’s accessible only to you for personal items. In other words, you get the best of both worlds: a central repository for business and personal information while still keeping the two separate.

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