Colleges Begin to Focus on Creating Entrepreneurs

by QuickBooks

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America’s universities are filled with the business leaders of tomorrow. In the past, these future executives typically obtained a degree and then headed out into the world to begin a long, slow climb to the top of the corporate ladder. If a recent graduate led a business, it was a small, family-run operation passed down from previous generations.

For today’s college graduates, however, instant entrepreneurship is becoming an option. As more academic programs focused on entrepreneurship have become  available, students are beginning to request and take them. A 2011 survey [PDF] by the Association of Business Schools confirmed this trend: Prospective MBAs ranked entrepreneurship in the top five programs they wanted their school of choice to offer.

Today, more colleges than ever offer courses in entrepreneurship. In fact, 2,000 U.S. colleges and universities now offer at least one course in entrepreneurship, which comprises two-thirds of our nation’s schools of higher learning. This makes this generation almost twice as likely to major in entrepreneurship than Americans currently holding bachelor’s degrees.

Another reason for the push toward entrepreneurship among millennials is the tough economy. As Millennial Branding points out, college graduates are finding after graduation that they must still work retail and blue-collar jobs to survive. Entrepreneurship not only provides these young minds with an opportunity to utilize their degrees, but also fuels the U.S. economy with more small businesses, which create jobs and tax revenue.

As colleges continue to place increased emphasis on business ownership instead of merely working for The Man, graduates will be able to take control of their careers and spend that climb to the top making money for themselves rather than someone else.

Want to find out more about the link between universities and entrepreneurship? Check out this infographic from Intuit. Click the image for the full graphic.

Intuit Payments College Entrepreneurs

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