How You Can Help Suss Out Green Opportunities for Small Businesses

by QuickBooks

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Identifying green opportunities that not only support people and the planet but also help small businesses turn a profit can be a challenging endeavor — yet it’s one that Green America has been committed to for nearly 30 years. Since 1982, the nonprofit organization has worked to tap the nation’s economic power (i.e., the strength of businesses, consumers, investors, and the marketplace) to enable and encourage an environmentally sustainable society.

To this end, Green America is asking entrepreneurs to help it suss out new green opportunities, with the larger goal of developing programs and incentives for making everyone’s operations more sustainable, cost-effective, and lucrative. Specifically, it’s asking small-business owners and managers to participate this online survey before June 7. Conducted by Green America with Emergent Research’s Small Business Labs, the survey inquires about the nature of your business, current and planned environmental practices, the motives behind them, and any barriers to implementation.

Emergent Research is the firm that last year partnered with Intuit to produce the Intuit 2020 Report, which explores the trends that will affect small businesses in the near future. The report anticipates that, “with volatility in resource markets, sustainability will arrive as a new business model to reduce risk, improve competitiveness, and address growing concerns for the environment. Small businesses will experiment with sustainability and often lead with innovative practices that become honed and adopted by larger firms.” Green America’s survey gives these leaders a confidential forum for sharing their experiences and insights so they may benefit everyone going forward.

So, what’s really in it for you? For 15 minutes of your time, Green America promises you’ll receive a copy of its final report based on the results, which will discuss “trends, opportunities, and success stories” related to small businesses implementing green practices. It’s also offering all participants a chance to win $1,000, a one-year membership in its Green Business Network, or a custom report that outlines your company’s strongest opportunities. The survey is co-sponsored by Ebay, Bank of America, and the UPS Foundation.

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