The Small Business Year in Review and Outlook 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]

by QuickBooks

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As we reached the final days of 2010, we took the pulse of small businesses in America to hear both their biggest challenges and greatest rewards from 2010 as well as their perspective of what’s to come in 2011. While small businesses are still feeling the brunt of the recession, they enter 2011 motivated to grow and with realistic expectations.

In our survey of small businesses, 65 percent of respondents said starting their own businesses was their personal passion. Despite the hardships brought on by the recession, 85 percent of those respondents said the passion is still there, driving them forward. Also, an impressive 66 percent of respondents said they expect their businesses to grow in 2011 despite the rocky economy.

Here’s what else we learned from the front lines in our small business survey. Click the infographic for an enlarged view.

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