The Week in Small Business – 07.30.11

by QuickBooks

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Your Employees Are Updating Their Resumes

Might be time to break out your best Don Corleone and ask your staff: Do I have your loyalty? A recent MetLife survey says less than half will respond yes. It’s worse than that. In fact, one in three small business employees flat-out said they’d rather work for someone else. Yet as loyalty declines, the percentage of business owners who think their team is in it for the long haul remains unchanged.

NFL Lockout Ends: What Did We Learn?

Good news for football fans and the businesses that serve them: the NFL lockout is over. Somehow the owners and players managed to figure out a way to divvy up their billions of dollars. (Glad they got that sorted out.) Entrepreneur tackles three lessons all businesses can learn from the labor standoff. Are you ready for some football?

(A Guide to) Facebook for Business Is Here!

Perhaps tweaking new rival Google+ and its false start with businesses, Facebook this week rolled out Facebook for Business. Online marketers need not go haywire — it’s not a new site, but an interactive guide for businesses looking for love, or Likes, on the social network.

What You and Your Real Estate Agent Have in Common

Eight out of 10 real estate agents are self-employed, says this story, which means they share much in common with other independent contractors and small business owners. Don’t believe it? Agent Diane Williams’ quote should sound familiar: “Each month, we start at zero. No salary or any type of compensation other than the sales generated by our individual effort.”

BBC: How Banks Cook Their Small Biz Books

From across the pond, BBC business editor Robert Preston might strike a chord in the U.S. with his take on how how banks can massage their small business lending numbers. His football simile may get lost in translation (see above), but Preston’s look at the differing definitions on “small” and the varying ways in which banks report data should seem recognizable.

Mall of Justice?

If your teenage years ever involved running from a mall security guard, this one’s for you. Five local businesses are being evicted from their locations in a Columbia, South Carolina strip mall, after the county bought the property to turn it into a public safety complex. The county council just voted to let the businesses stay until January — that’s nice of them — but a decision to cut their rent in half in the meantime was deferred.

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